Fixing Your iPhone

rop your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS from the washing machine? If that’s so, fogged headlights you need to do immediately to help save your iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4. If this article’s step-by-step guide is unseen results, there’s information inside bottom regarding how to work with Apple to take care of your iPhone 3gs/iPhone 4 or modify the one through the Apple Store.

Basic Steps to go by with the water spoiled iPhone.

  2. DO NOT TURN ON THE PHONE until finishing the many steps. Flipping for the iPhone should there be water inside might cause the phone to short circuit.
  3. Take off your iPhone cover after which remove the SimCard.
  4. Shake out any extra water.
  5. Use a blow dryer about the lowest heat for a quarter-hour and try to heat up the device lightly making sure that any existing water can simply escape on the phone. Use low heat!
  6. Stick the iPhone in the bag of uncooked rice and also be certain that it’s totally covered. Switch the rice on a daily basis. The uncooked rice will unquestionably soak up moisture helping take out any extra water inside iPhone. Leave the iPhone within the rice for 48-72 hours for ideal results.
  7. Take your iPhone from the rice and make sure if it works. If it does not work or if you’re feeling excess water inside the iPhone, repeat steps 4, 5, and 6. Keep the iPhone within the rice for an additional 4-5 days and look again redoing the method until the iPhone works correctly.
  8. This process is ideal if your iPhone was at water under a half-hour. If the method does not work after multiple attempts, keep reading.

Apple’s Policy for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Water Damage:

Apple has defined the spots the location where the water indicators are located on their website. iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have Liquid Contact Indicators with the base on the headphone jack. iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 models can also get an indicator about the bottom in the dock-connector housing. These indicators are tripped and flipped PINK the minute they come in getting exposed to water or possibly a liquid containing water. The indicators were created not to be tripped by humidity and temperature changes.

If the pink indicator sometimes appears, it shows that your service for liquid damage just isn’t included with the Apple one (1) year limited warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan (APP). However, you could switch your malfunctioning phone using a refurbished iPhone for $199 on the Apple Store than the full priced iPhone. Also, should you purchased your iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4 from Best Buy or used credit cards that offers protection/insurance on the iPhone, you may be able to get some funds back or iPhone without cost. Check all the options previous to your decision to repurchase a new iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.

Having your iPhone Professionally Restored with a Third-Party Store

If your sensors are pink as well as your iPhone is simply not working despite seeking to dry the iPhone coming from all water, you can attempt and bring it into a mechanic shop. They will ask for a small charge to investigate the damage after which present you with an estimate on the price you will be charged to fix the iPhone. You can make a judgment in the event you wish to use them to correct it. To choose a summary of reputable third-party repair shops, investigate article inside author’s website.