Face ID In iPhone X

Apple announced a brand new and expensive edition of their popular smartphone – iPhone X – in September. The company subsequently made iPhone X for sale in more than 55 countries and territories. In addition to featuring an edge-to-edge OLED display, iPhone X also has a number of out-of-box features to challenge the dominance of Android platform.

At the same time frame, the special iPhone model also comes with a exclusive facial recognition system – Face ID. Face ID enables users to work with their face similar to conventional passwords. The facial scanning system enables an end user to unlock his iPhone X by simply looking towards the smartphone along with his eyes open. He can use Face ID to hold the data stored on his iPhone X secure and earn mobile payments.

However, Face ID in iPhone X takes benefit of another robust hardware feature within the smartphone – TrueDepth camera. Many analysts think that Apple has decided to make the innovative facial scanning system open to other iPhone and iPad models. Hence, the iOS developers should be aware of important aspects of Face ID in iPhone X to satisfy the emerging mobile app development trend.

Important Aspects of Face ID in iPhone X each iOS App Developer Must Know

Replaces Touch ID on iPhone X

Touch ID was an important part of several iPhone models. The authentication system enables users to unlock their smartphones by just placing their fingers for the sensor. A user can operate Touch ID to execute various financial transactions and mobile payment. IPhone X is created with Face ID as an alternative to Touch ID. Unlike Touch ID, Face ID doesn’t involve users to touch their smartphones. A user might take advantage of Face ID to unlock his device by just glancing for the screen. At the same time frame, the iOS app developers may take advantage of the revolutionary facial recognition system by just replacing the Touch ID code with Face ID code.

Does not make Passcodes Obsolete

Despite replacing Touch ID on iPhone X, Face ID is yet to exchange passcodes fully. Apple recommends iPhone X users to work with passcodes while restarting the unit, the product has remained unlocked for over 48 hours, plus the user has attempted wrong face match more. Also, an end user has to utilize passcode to create his iPhone X available to friends and family members.

Authenticates through TrueDepth Camera

Face ID authenticates users through another new feature offered by iPhone X – TrueDepth camera system. The advanced camera system captures all features of an end user’s face through depth mapping. Also, TrueDepth results in a unique facial map by capturing over 30000 invisible dots projected onto an individual’s face. Each time a person unlocks his iPhone X, TrueDepth Camera reads the dot patterns by using an infrared camera and captures an infrared image. It subsequently sends the infrared image to Secure Enclave inside the A11 Bionic chip. Once authenticity with the infrared image is confirmed the iPhone gets unlocked.

Uses Machine Learning

A user’s appearance varies from time to time. Face ID uses machine learning algorithms to understand the changes in an end user’s appearance. Hence, a person can unlock his iPhone X in spite of his current appearance. He usually takes advantage of Face ID in iPhone X to unlock and authenticate despite wearing a hat, wearing glasses, and growing a beard. TrueDepth Camera further relies on a flood illuminator to identify an end user’s face through invisible infrared light should there be inadequate light.

Prevents Unauthorized Device Access

Despite identifying different appearances in the same user, Face ID in iPhone X still will not allow some other persons who unlock the smartphone. While unlocking the iPhone X, an individual has and keep his eyes open. If the user’s eyes are closed, the iPhone X will continue to be unlocked. The feature helps it be difficult for unauthorized users to unlock the mobile device if the original user is sleeping or absent. However, Face ID in iPhone X lacks the capability to spot identical twins. A user has to make use of a passcode additionally to prevent his iPhone X inaccessible towards the twin.

No Option to Register Multiple Users

Apple further improves the security of iPhone X by getting each user to join up a single face. No user has option to sign up multiple faces. Hence, just one user can unlock and authenticate throughout the Face ID. However, an end user can still make his iPhone X open to multiple users by sharing his passcode. Multiple users can access the identical iPhone X by performing authentication through passcode rather than Face ID.

Performs Multiple Tasks

In addition to keeping the iPhone X secure, Face ID also improves consumer experience by performing some elementary tasks. The attention-aware nature in the facial recognition system further enables users to complete basic tasks by just looking towards the iPhone X. For instance, a person can take good thing about Face ID to test messages and notifications, reduce amount of alarm or ringtone, and make the screen lit while reading.

Facilitates Mobile Payment

Along with enhancing security of iPhone X, Face ID can even facilitate mobile payment. It will work seamlessly with Apple Pay. Also, an end user can take benefit of Face ID in iPhone X while shopping for the brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants that support Touch ID payment. Also, the apps that support Touch ID lets users to take benefit from Face ID. The developers will make their existing iOS apps support Face ID by replacing the Touch ID code with Face ID code. However, a lot of lenders and banking companies are yet to compliment Face ID fully.

Security and Privacy Issues

Apple implements several security mechanisms and keep facial scan private and secure. After scanning an individual’s face, the TrueDepth Camera system stored the info directly within the A11 Bionic chip. Apple further doesn’t transfer the info to its server or cloud. Hence, the facial scanning information remains only for the iPhone X. Apple further uses the facial recognition system being a robust security tool to maintain user data inaccessible which will help prevent unauthorized access. A hacker in Vietnam recently claimed to destroy Face ID by making a complex breathing filter. But several security experts believe Apple must make several changes to Face ID in iPhone X to generate it an efficient security measure.

On the main, Face ID in iPhone X transforms iOS app development by replacing Touch ID. But the iOS app developers must understand that the facial recognition product is currently used only by an individual model of iPhone. Apple can make Face ID entirely on upcoming versions of iPhone and iPad gradually. Hence, the developers must explore ways to generate their existing iOS apps support Face ID. Also, they need to adopt the emerging trends in iOS app development to produce their mobile app relevant and popular more than a longer period of time.

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